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Come Sail Away With Me

Elin finally persuaded me to join her parents on their sail boat over the weekend.
We took the bought out Friday evening from Muskö and sailed out to Rånö where we stayed over night.
The next morning we cruised out on the sea for a few hours before we wrapped it up and headed back to the harbor. We decided not to stay out another night due to the weather forecast for Sunday.
It was quite nice even if I might not be as fired up about it as Elin is :)

If you’re interested, here’s a map showing a very rough overview of the route we took:

View Sail Weekend 2009-08-15 in a larger map


My dad won two tickets to DN-Galan and since he couldn’t go himself he gave the tickets to me.
I took Elin there and we enjoyed an evening of Track & Field in real life instead of in front of the screen.
It was a bit cold with the weather not being all that great and a chilly wind on top of that. I didn’t bring proper clothing so it cost me a three day cold but it was good fun with the highlight being the 100m sprint run where Tyson Gay managed a good time of 9.78 seconds. The wind was a tad to hard though so he didn’t beat the old record but I must say, it really is faster when you see it live than it seems when you watch it on TV :)

Photos? Of course. As usual you’ll find all the photos you’ll need at

Golf Below Par

Erik and I made a second attempt at the golf course today and without the rain we managed to go all 9 holes.
I was off for a great start on the 1st hole where I played on the actual par! That was 4 points secured, 14 more needed to reach my goal of 18 and the chance to get a green card.

The 2nd hole was a bit of a disaster and I scored an even 0.
After that I mixed good swings with bad but played a couple of holes on my par and a few just one above giving me 2 and 1 points per hole. I only scored 0 points on that 2nd hole.

As we came up to the 9th hole Erik, who had kept track of the scores since we only had one score card, asked if I wanted to know how I was doing but I didn’t want to add more pressure on myself so I said no.
As I hit the ball from tee it looked quite good. It was straight and looked about the correct length. It was slightly off though and I landed in a nasty bunker next to green.
With a bit of luck I managed to get out of the green with just one swing and then cupped with two puts putting me on my par securing another two points.

At that Erik walked up to me, reached out his hand and said “Congratulations on 19 points”.
I did it! On the first attempt! And it was fun! :D

I’m Golfing in the rain

I went out on the golf course to go 9 holes today. My very first time.
I didn’t do too well one the first two holes. 3 over par on hole one and never got the ball in the cup on hole 2.
On hole three I had a terrible first swing, as usual. However, Erik lent me a second ball just for good fun and that one nearly hit the green on a 207 m. long hole. Too bad I couldn’t count it :)

As we walked to take our second shots the sky opened up. Rain poured down and there was thunder roaring above us. We decided to call it quits when we were soaked after about 10 seconds.

All in all good fun but I wouldn’t call it a successful first attempt :)

Detroit Picks up a 2-0 Lead in the Stanley Cup

When Djurgården fail to please me I can always rely on good ol Detroit Red Wings :)
Two 3-1 wins in a row means a 2-0 lead in games. It might even be over before I leave civilization.

Have a look at Justin Abdelkader 3-1 goal, it’s beautiful:
Justin Abdelkader, 3-1, Penguins vs Red Wings, Stanley Cup, Game 2 (it’s the last of the clips)

One Step Closer to the Money

I’m one small step closer to the big money.
I completed the golf test today with flying colors and I am now allowed out on the playing field.
It’s just a matter of time now before I can compete in the Masters. :)
Happy days & Good times!

Going for Green

I started a golf course last weekend and I’ll finish it this weekend.
Attending a course won’t make me a player or give me a green card but it’s a start, I hope to have the green card by midsummer :)

Alas, Light Shines Upon Us

After a very, very bitter soccer season came to an end last Sunday I felt glad. Glad because it was finally over. Over the past 8 months and 30 games we have suffered a lot of humiliation. It’s been a never ending stream of disappointment, frustration and anger.

The past weeks the hockey season has been going on in parallel. I saw the first game of the season with Holger and we won but since then I’ve only glanced at the standings table every now and then to keep up.

Today was the day Erik got his birthday present. Erik supports MODO in the SHL (Swedish Hockey League) so I figured I’d treat him to a game against DIF. At 19:00 tonight the game started and 5:37 in to the game the score was 3-0 in favour of Djurgården. Happy days! For me that is, not for Erik. The game finally finished 7-0. Wesslau, Djurgårdens goalie, got his first shotout of the season, I saw DIF win again and I smiled during a DIF game for the first time since the 5th of October.

Thank you DIF Hockey for a great evening at Hovet!

Hooligans, Will They Ever Learn?

It’s happened again. Derby in Stockholm and as usual there’s trouble on the stands.
This time it was Hammarbys turn to behave like asses, so much for their reputation of being the least troublesome fans in Stockholm.

It was this Monday, when the ref blew the whistle and pointed at the penalty spot. In favor for AIK. That’s when it went out of hand. After 82 minutes of football. Fireworks were fired from Hammarbys stand, right behind AIKs keeper, and landed right beside him. From what I understand it was pure luck that he didn’t got hit by it and that he noticed it so he could avoid it when it exploded. In all the commotion the no-gooders were attacked by other supporters that disapproved of their conduct.

You can read about this in pretty much any Swedish magazine covering football, and probably some foreign ones too so enough about that. Whats more interesting is the interview I read today with Hammarbys team manager (what ever he does) Peter Thunell.

First of all he says that the game should be aborted as soon as something like this happens. I couldn’t agree more. Time and time again we see this happen and we often see that the team who’s fans caused the interruption benefits from it. The signal it sends to restart a game after these events is that crime pays and it shouldn’t.
Secondly he has realized something more of us must realize: it’s come to a point where the police, clubs, supporter clubs, security companies etc are powerless. There’s nothing that can be done other than playing with empty stands. What needs to happen is that the low lives need to understand that they are not welcome, that their actions will only hurt themselves and others.

I said that the police can’t do anything. You can always argue that increased penalties to both the criminals and the clubs might make people think twice before doing something stupid and I think that’s one step in the right direction but it’s not a solution. It won’t be enough, if it was we wouldn’t have much crime at all.
Instead we have to react and by we I mean other supporters. Peter Thunell claims that if the game is aborted and the team who’s fans that cause it automatically loose the game (which is the effect of an aborted game) the fans will self-sanitize this problem by simply beating the person/persons that misbehave up, thus making sure that they’ll learn their lesson and not do it again. He doesn’t say it’s a necessarily good way to solve the problem but it seems to be the only one that has even a remote chance of working. I actually tend to agree even though I consider people beating up idiots are idiots themselves.

The reality is that there’s a problem without a solution so why not try the law of the jungle on this one?

Haven’t I Written This Post Before?

We are this bad. 0-0 against FC Flora on our “home” turf. It’s magic. It’s miraculous. It’s damned pathetic. We wouldn’t manage the swedish second league the way we play now. We don’t deserve to win, we don’t deserve anything at all really.

We had two players on field that at least acted like they wanted to win: Jan “Golden Shower” Tauer and Sebastian “Raja” Rajalakso. They put up a fight against Flora but two players can only do so much. And even though they did put up a fight I wouldn’t give them any other judgement than passable in this game.

It’s been looking like this for quite some time now. We haven’t won a game since may 1st and the players are in a dark place right now. They don’t seem to believe in themselves and their self confidence has fled the field. I don’t honestly think we don’t have the expertise to beat Flora, or most of the teams in Allsvenskan for that matter but something is terribly wrong. We can’t blame it on poor form and we can’t blame it on the referees or anyone else. The problem is within the team and someone really needs to address that problem quickly or we won’t be playing in Allsvenskan next year.

Sorry Siggi, but I think you’ll be the first attempt to a solution to the problem. You should start looking for a new job.

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