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Need Help with a Rhyme

Yesterday I finished Neil Gainman’s Stardust.
In the edition that I’ve got there’s also a prologue to Stardust; The Story of Wall.
It’s just a few pages but it’s about a girl who’s out on a field and sees a magpie land beside her. Then comes another one, and another one, and another one until there are seven of them.

It the book the girl remembers a rhyme that goes like this:

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for girls,
Four for boys,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told

As I read the rhyme I realised that that is also part of one of my favourite Counting Crows songs, A Murder of One. This got me thinking that they must’ve gotten the rhyme from somewhere and perhaps so did Gaiman, unless of course he actually wrote it himself, I find that somewhat unlikely though.

Since I can’t a find a good answer to this question on google (all I found there was people debating whether the rhyme went up to ten or not, something I seriously doubt the original rhyme does but that’s a different story) I’m now stretching out to you, my few, earnest readers in an attempt to clarify this. So the question is, who originally wrote this rhyme and how does it actually go?

From Talang 2009, Micke Persson, the New Björn Rosenström?

This guy is great!
Micke Persson from… well… somewhere in Sweden I guess.
Just listen :)

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I haven’t seen locking until last night when I saw this clip on you tube. They know what they’re doing.

Media to Perfection

I think I am finally done with the media centre setup. It’s taken a bit more than 2 years but now I have every component setup just the way I want to. And here it is:

First of all I have the TV. It’s a 46″ Full HD screen from Samsung.
It’s a very nice piece of work I must say. I have an HD-box connected to the tv but that’s not very interesting since this piece of equipment depends on the tv deal I have.

What is more interesting is the Mac Mini. The Mini is, of course, connected to the TV. It is also connected to my LAN on which I have a MyBook World Edition 2. On it I have all my music, movies and tv-series. The Mini streams all media from the MyBook.
I’ve even managed to setup iTunes so that it’ll always find the music on the MyBook after rebooting either of the systems. Very neat indeed.
The MyBook has shell access, FTP and a browser interface if ever needed. It is really a very slimmed web server/nas and it can be used for more than just storage. I have a web interface from which I can stream my music from anywhere for example.
The Mac Mini is also my designated DVD-player.

There is a 300mbps WLAN in the apartment which is capable of streaming HD and can handle band width-heavy games without breaking a sweat.

Finally, every piece of equipment that can emit sound (ie play music, movies etc.) is connected to my Denon Receiver. I don’t have a surround system, I don’t have the need for one, but I do have two very nice front speakers that are more than enough when watching TV or having a late night party.

Add to this some peripheral equipement such as my laptop , XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii and you could say that I’m a very happy camper.

I do see myself making adjustments to my current setup within a not too distant future. I already feel that the 1TB MyBook won’t be enough so I’ll probably exchange it for something a bit more scalable but there’s no rush really.

I almost forgot… Software.
As previously mentioned I run iTunes on the Mini to play music.
For video VLC is the stuff. I’ve tried Plex but it never worked quite like I wanted it too and albeit nice to look at it didn’t really give me any additional value that VLC didn’t apart from the ability to play rar-films but I’ll find a way do that with VLC.

Saybia in Concert

This Wednesday evening I went to Debaser Slussen and saw Saybia in Concert.
I was supposed to see them last year but they canceled so I was really looking forward to this.

The first time I saw Saybia (and the only time before Wednesday) was back in 2003 I think.
They played at Hultsfred in a small arena that took only 1000 n the crowd and had a low ceiling that provided us with a great atmosphere. That is to date still one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen and I had never heard them at all before it.

So back to Wednesday.
As you understand I had some great expectations when we arrived and when I left I was indeed very happy.

I’m not really sure how I can summarize the show so I don’t think I will.
However I will mention the fact that I love their mix of old goodies with new material. I didn’t recognize all songs they played since I mainly listen to songs recorded pre 2003 so I really woke up and came to life when they played those songs. And they did play quite a few of them.

When they came back for their encore and played I Surrender I knew that this concert had made it into my top ten list of all times. It was pure magic.

The only downside was that it was almost a bit too dark so you couldn’t really see the bands faces which is something I like to do because that really gives you that feeling that the people on the stage are actually no different from you and me, they just have a skill that we don’t.

Coldplay – Trouble

Have to blog it now that I’ve mentioned it :)

Coldplay Live in Stockholm

I just got back from the Coldplay concert in The Globe Arena. My legs hurt after standing in one spot for nearly three hours but I’m satisfied still.

We bought the tickets to the concert months ago and shortly after I told my sister I was going to see them and her spontaneous thought was “boooring”. At that point I didn’t really disagree with here. I’m not a huge fan but one of my friends convinced me to go along (it didn’t take much to do that) so I did. And I don’t regret it.

They never played Trouble from Parachutes and that disappointed me a bit but not much since I wasn’t really expecting them to and I would have wanted it to last a bit longer, I always do after a live concert but just over 90 minutes is a tad short. Besides that it was a great show. Their music came alive unlike when you listen to their CDs that, at points, can almost make you sleepy. Combine this with a great show where lights and video played a big part and you have one helluva party.

I did record two short bits and I’ll see if I can get them up here when I’m not in bed, otherwise i just might blog some youtube clips just so that I can sneak in on the blog and watch them every now and then :)

Shop for Your Life

I read a story in Metro today about a woman who hasn’t been shopping for a year.
The result of it is a book but it’s not entirely clear if she stopped shopping for research or if the book was a bi product of not shopping. I’m leaning towards the latter.

Either way I can’t help but to think “WTF!?”. Seriously. Is this an actual problem? Is this really news? Is this really worth wasting paper and time on?

I’ve heard about people who can’t help themselves from buying stuff but I don’t buy that, no pun intended. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it. A problem is when you don’t have food on your dinner table or the only water you have is too dirty to drink. It’s not a problem if you spend 200 SEK on a new sweater.

The article really reaches it’s climax when the reporter asks “What was most difficult?” and the response is “To walk by the shops after payday.”. What can I say. I feel really sorry for her, I don’t know how I can sleep at night knowing this.

My point? Find yourself a real problem and write a book about it, don’t waste time on pseudo issues that doesn’t really matter in the need anyway.

Source (PDF, page 8 )

The Mother of all Bad Beats

This one really hurts…

Windows Vista Voice Recognition FTW!

Easy as Pie, huh?

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