Coldplay Live in Stockholm

I just got back from the Coldplay concert in The Globe Arena. My legs hurt after standing in one spot for nearly three hours but I’m satisfied still.

We bought the tickets to the concert months ago and shortly after I told my sister I was going to see them and her spontaneous thought was “boooring”. At that point I didn’t really disagree with here. I’m not a huge fan but one of my friends convinced me to go along (it didn’t take much to do that) so I did. And I don’t regret it.

They never played Trouble from Parachutes and that disappointed me a bit but not much since I wasn’t really expecting them to and I would have wanted it to last a bit longer, I always do after a live concert but just over 90 minutes is a tad short. Besides that it was a great show. Their music came alive unlike when you listen to their CDs that, at points, can almost make you sleepy. Combine this with a great show where lights and video played a big part and you have one helluva party.

I did record two short bits and I’ll see if I can get them up here when I’m not in bed, otherwise i just might blog some youtube clips just so that I can sneak in on the blog and watch them every now and then :)

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